14 Victoria Street

Another famous Thomas, the writer Edward, (1879-1917) lodged here with a Mrs Wilkins from the 1st of November to the 17th Dec 1911. He was prone to depression and wrote, 'Sometimes I feel wellish here, sometimes very bad; never well, I can never be well again without a miracle'.

He kept busy, completing his study of George Borrow and proofs of The Icknield Way, and he began working on a book on Swinburne. The work helped him control his mental health and he wrote some happier letters to his wife.

Thomas' only published novel, The Happy-Go-Lucky Morgans, compares Abercorran St in London to Abercorran (Laugharne) - 'Abercorran itself, with its long grey and white street, with a castle at one end, low down by the river mouth, and an old church high up at the other'.

In April 1914 he returned to Laugharne with his two children and enjoyed a week-long stay. Three years later Thomas, aged 35, joined the army and died in the Battle of Arras soon after arriving in France.

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