Ant's Hill

Ant's Hill is one of the grand Georgian houses of Laugharne but the name is better known for the Ant's Hill Caravan Park which sits behind it. It was built by the Towers-Smith family and has an incredible view over Laugharne. Apparently, the name originates from a comment Oliver Cromwell made during the Civil War when, some distance away, he looked up at the hill and seeing his men declared they looked like ants on the hill. Hmmm...

Miss Anna Lewis was born in the house in 1911 and in the above pic, Miss Lewis and a 'gentleman friend' (she never married) stand behind a bar in the drawing room of the house in a wonderfully evocative pic from the early 1940s. Miss Lewis' parents lived at Ant's Hill. Charles Lewis was a retired farmer from Llanboidy who died in the house 1920, and his wife, Agnes was a music teacher from Llandeilo who died in 1940.

Miss Anna Lewis (pictured above) cared for her mother, who was 48 when Anna was born. In later life Miss Lewis lived in Fullerton and often had an early evening snifter in Brown's Hotel.

Quakers used to reside across the main road from Ant's Hill. Their burying place is still called 'Quaker's Yard' and there are plans afoot to turn it into a natural burying ground. The Quakers then moved to a meeting house (see Cliff Cemetery).

Ant's Hill
overlooking Laugharne

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