This house was once two cottages which were built on the site of an old chapel called Bache, or possibly Baches. The various 'protestant dissenters', as they were known, often began worship in private houses. They then frequently moved sites for their worship, often taking over another group's former chapel - making the tracing of their sites more difficult.

In 1749 this site was bought from David and Mary George and a chapel erected. It was rebuilt in 1809 and still present in 1842 on the tithe map. Mary Curtis, writing in about 1880, said, 'where now 2 white houses stand on a bank nearly opposite 'The Dials' was an ancient chapel'.

The Dials was an old Druid pub. We'd love to know where it was, and there are a couple of walls in the area that seem thicker than standard garden walls.

The Tithe Map records this as 'Independent Chapel and yard', but by 1850 it had become 'in a bad state' and the minister, Reverend Mark Evans, negotiated a transfer to the old Quaker Chapel on the Cliff (see Cliff Cemetery). Could the foundations of this house incorporate parts of the former chapel?

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