Cliff Path

Cliff Path was renamed Dylan's Walk in 1958. Locals didn't like it. There is no character bigger than Laugharne itself, no matter how famous. Hero-worship doesn't exist in Laugharne and one observer commented about Dylan, 'He looked and behaved like a workman'.

The new signs were initially taken down by locals who still call it Cliff Path, but Laugharne has slowly embraced law and order.

You can feel Dylan on this path heading to Laugharne. Imagine him walking slowly, with a jar of pickled onions in one pocket, and a bottle of beer in the other, his short tweed sports jacket sagging with the weight.

The views across the bay are wonderful, even on gloomy days.

Cliff Path was designated a King's Highway in the High Court in 2003, after the trasher of Ferry House argued that soldiers marching from London to Pembroke would have crossed the Taf on ancient stepping stones just beyond the Ferry House; alas the sad saga of Ferry House's ruination continues.

There is a sign on Traveller's Rest (above) not to drive any further.

Some people think they can.

They can't.

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