Coach House

The Coach House was the original coach house for Castle House and has a wonderful garden. Indeed all the buildings on the estuary side of Market Lane were outbuildings for Castle House, including the stables and the garage.

There was a wonderful restaurant called The Stables, in the er...stables. It's now a private house but the sign outside was painted by Steve Treacy - a very talented artist, who crops up a few times in the other 'stops'.

Standing on the Coach House balcony the sounds are exactly the same as when Dylan lived here - the tide lapping, the curlews (below), oystercatchers, lapwings, seagulls, egrets, all out on the mud. Seals and otters have also been seen in the estuary.

The occasional dog bark, chainsaw, and bombs going off over at the NATO bombing range on the Ginst, which was established in World War 2, all sounds that have been familiar for decades, and sounds that Dylan would still recognise.

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