The Cong

Whilst the sign outside claims it is the English Congregational church, this place of worship is known as, 'the chapel'. Dr Gwynne Jones, minister at the Old Cliff Independent Chapel (see Cliff Cemetery), organised the building of this new chapel, which cost £1200 and was completed in 1894. It was built on a site of ancient dwellings known as 'The Barracks'.

The Cong (as it's known locally) has recently been renovated, has occasional services, and is the base for the Corran Singers who practice here every Thursday.

A key venue for the Laugharne Weekend, Patti Smith, Mark Watson and the brilliant folk singer Richard Dawson have performed there, as has ex-Pogue James Fearnley who surely holds the record for the most relentless non-Biblical language ever uttered in a church after he read extracts from his colourful memoir, 'Here Comes Everybody'.

Incidentally (as if this stuff wasn't incidental enough), only in Laugharne would the keys to a church be kept on a Guinness branded fob.

A foundation stone laid by Mrs J.R. John
of Brixton Farm, Cross Inn, in 1890

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