Corran Books

Former NME journalist and biographer George Tremlett opened Laugharne's first bookshop in 1982. The long room behind has seen various uses: meeting room, school canteen, billiard hall (Dylan Thomas played), pottery and now warehouse to 100K+ books. Changes to the book trade mean that 95% of the business is now online, but happily the shop remains open. It was the Ship & Castle pub in 1912 - the shop sign uses the original brackets - then Mr Sylvanus Davies' gent's outfitters. Barclays Bank occupied the left room and Laugharne Pottery the right until 1982. Sea captain Douglas Williams of Victoria House walked around in the 1970s with a monkey on his shoulder. On entering Barclays the monkey would instantly run amok which lead to glass screens being installed.

Corran Books - the long room

Corran Books in the 1980s

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