Devonshire House

Devonshire House had been in the Roberts family for generations until Kitty John moved out recently. It is now two houses but was once a stores and chandlery on the right, and a shed for repairing small boats on the left. Its name signifies the trade between Laugharne and the Devonshire coast, and the shop was the largest in Laugharne in the 1850s.

Kitty, one of Laugharne's legendary characters, said she remembers boats being painted with pitch where the kitchen floor is today. At the rear was a grain store (see below). Kitty is in the doorway. (Kitty was a lovely woman who sadly died in December 2021. She will be greatly missed.)

Kitty's family owned two of the last working boats in Laugharne - The Fluke and The Lively. Behind the building was the old grain store.

Until a few years ago Kitty ran the Tea Dance at the Laugharne Memorial Hall whilst struggling with her hearing and her sight and the video below features artist Marc Rees (who co-created NTW's Raw Material: Llareggub Revisited from 2014) trying his hand at ballroom dancing.

Devonshire House with the shop window
before it was renovated

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