Frogmore Street

This street, formerly called Frog St, was where many cockle women lived, and there used to be tin baths for washing the cockles and mounds of cockle shells down the street. Number 3 (below) was another of Laugharne's long lost pubs, The Shipwright Arms.

Frogmore Gardens was built on the site of old sailors' shacks and sheds, and two houses were demolished to create an entrance to the estate where many of Laugharne's elderly characters live.

The last house on the right as you walk towards the harbour has a wall plaque stating, 'Pine End belonging to Mrs Elizabeth Garry 1899'. This is one of 4 in Laugharne - the others are on 12 Gosport St, Brown's Hotel and the Pelican.

At the harbour end of Frogmore St the building facing the small public garden was also once a pub called The Three Horseshoes (below). This would have been one of the first pubs sailors saw when they came back from their voyages, and one can only imagine the stories those walls could tell.

Excavations revealed that the ground below this area was made of dark sand, which means that this area was under the sea thousands of years back.

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