A 1904 advert states Gaisford was a 'Post Office, Dispensing Chemist, Stationer, Bookseller & Tea Dealer,' and an 'Agent for Huntley & Palmers Reading Biscuits.' (Er... that's Reading the place!) 17 year old Kitty John worked here as a telegraph operator in 1953 and remembers Dylan - 'He often came in with outsiders to buy cheese and wine. You can relax in Laugharne. On a lovely day you can see the curlews. It must have helped him write.' In November '53 Kitty attended a BBC radio broadcast from the Memorial Hall where Dylan's 'Laugharne' prose was aired and Wyn Jones interviewed locals, including Caitlin. One of Kitty's colleagues received the telegram stating that Dylan had gone into a coma in New York so ran up to the hall to tell 'Mrs Dylan'. Kitty remembers Caitlin gasping and running out. By the early 60s it was the Milk Wood Cafe. Today it is divided into flats.

The 1920s

Dylan recites 'Laugharne'

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