The Globe

The Globe is one of the largest buildings in Laugharne. In 1868 it was listed as a hotel but it was closed by 1912. A psychiatrist, Dr Sennick, then lived here, before it was bought by a local butcher. The rear part beyond the arched entrance was the abattoir which closed c. 1971. The butchers closed in the early 1990s but the marble slab in the shop window is still visible. The building was once two separate dwellings. The most fascinating room is the old ballroom - complete with sprung floor. It runs down the side at first floor level and was last used in 1943 for the wedding of Douglas and Peggy Griffiths. The ballroom was also used to billet soldiers during WW2. In 2013, the Globe featured in the Dylan Thomas BBC biopic, 'Dylan In New York', starring Tom Hollander. After being empty for a number of years the building has recently been sold.

The Ballroom

The Town Hall from The Globe

'Dylan in New York' at The Globe

'Dylan in New York' at The Globe

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