Great House

This impressive Grade 11* listed house was built in the early 18th Century in the reign of Queen Anne (1702-14). The house was in a sad state of repair until the early 2000s when a major restoration returned it to its former glory. In the pic you can see the original stone but CADW insisted it was covered in a render, as when it was listed it was rendered and there were no pics of how it would have looked originally.

Great House now features an outdoor swimming pool as well as a host of original features and is available for holiday lets.

When the current owner had a celebration party on finishing the house the guests on arrival heard a sound from the garden. They went to investigate and found a few locals enjoying the pool.

Actor Idris Elba directed and starred in a video for Mumford & Sons Lover Of The Light; the interior shots of which were filmed here.

The rear of Great House

The house has 4 rooms on the first floor, and Tim Lowe, who restored the house wanted to create 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, but as the house was Grade 11* listed he couldn't. So two rooms are bedrooms and 2 rooms are the bathrooms - the biggest bathrooms we've ever seen!

Apparently, Winston Churchill stayed in Great House, and drank a full bottle of whisky between going to bed and getting up.

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