Grove House

Elizabeth Woods, the mother of Lydia, 2nd wife of John Wollstonecraft (1736-1803) lived in this 1741 regency house. John was the father of feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) and grandfather to Frankenstein author, Mary Shelley (1797-1851). The Wollstonecrofts lived in Laugharne briefly in 1776 but in 1782 after his wife's death John returned with his new wife, farming outside Laugharne. On his demise Lydia moved here; the lease stating that she would remain in situ should the house be sold. (Incidentally, John's first cousin's wife, Britannia, died in Newgate prison in 1840 awaiting 7 years transportation for stealing silk.) Later it became a pub called the White Hart - the landlord in 1844 was Thomas Evans - and a barber's shop. The passageway on the left, once used to access stables at the rear, is a bat roost.

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