Holloway Road

This road leads to a path that brings you out at Horsepool Road - the name literally means 'a hollow way', or a sunken path, and is a very pleasant walk through woods and across fields. The first house (below) is known as Firemark Cottage which was built in 1710.

Johnny Holloway, or John Thomas Jnr (Lorenzo) lived in Myrtle Cottage (above) in later life. As established elsewhere as Dylan's drinking buddy, Johnny Holloway went to school at Minerva and his parents paid 1p a week for his education.

He was a tough old man and grew his own tobacco, rubbing dark rum on the leaves before he made homemade cigars wrapped in twine that looked like mini mummies. He later went blind and died at Myrtle Cottage in 1959 aged 89.

Below is a photo of Ebie Williams of Brown's Hotel, as a young man outside Sunnyside House, on Holloway, now home to John and Janet Bradshaw. John's father was a headmaster in Laugharne and John and Janet have been very helpful with information for this site.

And below, the same scene today

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