Horsepool Road

Presumably named because it was a good place for horses to drink. Before the bridge was built on Newbridge Road, this small street led to a path across the field that brought you out at Holloway, if you wanted to bypass the town. It is said that a young woman called Rosie Probert lived in a small cottage in Horsepool Road.

A child she was looking after ran to the bridge to see the ducks swimming there, lent over too far, fell in and drowned. Dylan heard this tale and used Rosie Probert's name for the love of Captain Cat's life.

A flea man once lived on this street. (No, seriously). He trained fleas to pull a small cart and performed shows on the Grist. Apparently, it was called Flea Street for a while (No, we're not making this stuff up!).

There was also a tucking Mill down Horsepool, just behind the last house in the row. Below is a picture of some cows being herded down Horsepool Road. We're not sure of the date but as the road was laid with Porthgain stone in 1925 and this looks like a dirt road then maybe the early 1920s.

(Pic courtesy of Jenny Tire).

When you cross the bridge heading to Hills Farm Riding Stables there is an ancient horse trough on the left. It's in the form of an arch and is enclosed. Is this the 'horse pool' rather than the river?

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