Limes & Moir

The Broadwood family lived in Moir House (on the right), part of the family who made the famous pianos. Limes and Moir were once part of the same house, and one of the rooms in Moir House is actually over the kitchen in the The Limes.

A housing estate built in the former
garden opposite is called Moir Gardens

This pic is of the fireplace in the living room of The Limes.

Richard 'Dougie' Griffith lives in The Limes today where his mother and father lived. His father was a milkman, and the side yard was used for storing the milk float. When Dougie's father and mother got married they had the reception in the Globe in 1942, which was the last time it was used for a function.

In The Limes the servant's bells
are still in place

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