Orchard Park

Commanding wonderful views over Laugharne and the estuary, Orchard Park was built in 1950/51. Bones of a Beaker Folk who flourished c.2500 BC were discovered when the foundations were dug out, and a shoebox containing the bones is in St Martin's Church.

Chips Jenkins, a long-standing resident said - 'Orchard Park was commissioned by Carmarthen Rural District Council and the 56 houses are in the 'Cornish' style. They were meant to last for 25 years. The first house completed was No. 7 and my parents lived at No. 27. Dodo Morgan (No. 6) had the first TV and used to let kids watch through the open window. Rents were 19 shillings a week, and if you couldn't pay you were given immediate notice to quit. For most residents this was the first time they'd had electric power, central heating, running water and inside loos. No more burying shit in the garden!'

When the site was being built children stole breezeblocks from the stores. As they were made of coal ash, when broken up they made excellent fuel. Incidentally, Dolly Long, Dylan and Caitlin's housekeeper and friend lived at No. 49.

The view from Orchard Park
looking over Laugharne

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