The Pelican

Another of Laugharne's lost pubs (closed c.1912), the Pelican was named after Francis Drake's flagship, which was later renamed Golden Hind. Dylan's parents rented the ground floor from the Williamses of Browns Hotel in May 1949. Dylan visited his father every morning to do the Times crossword before popping to Browns. The upstairs neighbour, Dai Thomas Small Coal, remembered Dylan's mum disliking the theory that her son's brains came from his father's side. D.J. 'Jack' Thomas' demise in Dec. 1952 prompted the poet's most famous work, 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night'. His death from throat cancer hit Dylan hard. 11 months later Dylan's coffin was maneuvered in through the study window. A friend remarked on seeing the body, 'He'd never have been seen dead in that tie.' Dylan's wake started in the Pelican kitchen.

Aeronwy, Dylan's daughter, writes (My Father's Places) that her grandfather's study (to the left of the front door) was out of bounds to most people and that D.J. hid there when his wife's 'prattling friends' visited. Aeronwy often stayed with Granny (Florrie) when life in the Boathouse became tense. She remembers large hams 'like off-colour bagpipes' hanging in the cellar. One tea-time her mother, Caitlin, arrived in a yellow blouse with tulip red spots and a red dress - 'I wondered why she was always dressed in party clothes'. D.J.'s desk which had come with the family from Swansea was taken to the Boathouse when Florrie moved there in 1953. It is still there today. Until recently the Pelican was owned by the family of actor Rufus Sewell. It has recently been fully renovated.

DJ's study

The Pelican kitchen

During the Laugharne Weekend in April 2014 Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson painted these remarkable images on boards covering the Pelican windows. The images depict David Icke (who rudely failed to turn up at the Laugharne Weekend and didn't tell anyone), a lizard (see David Icke), Evans The Death, Florrie Thomas (Dylan's Mum), a post-coital Caitlin & Dylan and the Grim Reaper.' Stunning.



'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night'



Dylan Thomas



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