Sea View

This was Dylan Thomas' 2nd home in Laugharne but in July 1940 debts sent him to London to script war films. He couldn't avoid the war, '...even trembling on the edge of Laugharne.' Dylan was productive here, writing of Laugharne being, '...this cockled city... sweet and quiet... so slow and prettily sad.' Map Of Love and Portrait of The Artist As A Young Dog were published in 1940, but war prevailed and sales were poor. Caitlin wrote that Sea View represented, '...the happiest two years of our lives.' They left everything behind, including, it would seem, the heart of their marriage, borne out by Dylan's poem, 'Into her lying down head', about his wife's infidelity. Constructed in the early 1800s the owner wanted the tallest building in town, taller even than the castle, but a great storm blew off the top storey. Its tall thin exterior lead to painter Augustus John describing it as a, '...doll's house.'

Sea View in the 1990s

Sea View by Andrew Douglas Forbes

Dylan in Sea View by Rupert Shepherd

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