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Now a supermarket this was originally a mill, one of four in Laugharne showing how important the town was as a trading post. It's top right in the pic above, taken c.1900.

You can see the Mackarelle Stream flowing by which powered the original mill wheel. It's now culverted, but you can hear it if you stoop over the manhole in front of the supermarket.

This pic also indicates why Island House was so-named as it had waterways on 2 sides and the sea on the other. When this pic was taken Island House owned the building.

Here is the view today.

This crude painting below also shows the former mill, and the Ship Inn at the front of The Fountain Inn.

This pic below of the Laugharne lifeboat c. 1910, was taken outside the old mill. The name on the wagon in my photo appears to be JOHN MORSE. He was a cattle dealer in Laugharne and an agent for Great Western Railways. This photo may have been taken on carnival day.

From 1967 to 1984 it was Lewis & Wilson's ironmongery which also supplied petrol from pumps outside.

Former portreeve Philip Wilson remembers they kept scrap tractors for parts on the Grist and that donkeys were kept in the field next door. By the late 80s it functioned as the Old Mill restaurant. This is the building today.

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