Sir John's Hill

Named after Sir John Perrot (1528-1592), who built a house on the hill to use as a lookout for pirates. He lived at Laugharne Castle and also Carew Castle, 22 miles to the west. In 1830 Laugharne had three distinct populations: the Welsh occupied the north from Ants Hill to Great House; the English from Great House to The Grist; and the Flemish from The Laques to Sir John's Hill.

On top of the hill - known locally as 'Surgeon's Hill' - is a telecoms mast, which serves Orange, EE and T-mobile. Alas people on Vodaphone and O2 are unlikely to get a signal in Laugharne, but there are a couple of secret places, and a local may tell you where they are in exchange for two florins.

From the top you can see from Tenby to The Worm's Head on Gower, and it inspired one of Dylan Thomas' great late poems, 'Over Sir John's Hill' with the evocative second line, 'The hawk hangs still'.

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