Also called Stoneway. This would have been the main road out of Laugharne in medieval times before Gosport St was built. On the right was a large house which was home to the Parsons family, of Parson's Pickles fame. The house burnt down one night, and nothing remains except a garden wall. Above is the view of the top, and below is the view from the bottom.

And up on the left (below), with a short driveway was the house that the BBC used as a location in Keeping Faith - it was Faith's home, but they only used the patio with its stunning view over Laugharne.

Full mains electric reached Laugharne in 1953, and the substation was on Stoneyway. Incidentally Laugharne had mains water in 1950, so the many local pumps were no longer used. There is a fine example in Clifton St, near St Martin's Church.

Below is a painting of Laugharne in the Tudor era(?). Not sure when it was painted, but the artist's perspective is from the top of Stoneyway.

A bit fanciful, but it does give an idea of what Laugharne might have looked like. You can see Market St, the Gatehouse, Newbridge Road (just outside the castle wall) the River Corran, and possibly Island House.

Also a large building (bottom right) which could have been the monastery where The Grist is today.

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