The Strand

The Strand in the 1920s and below, a similar view today...

The Strand was a narrow walkway where ships would berth and be unloaded at high tide. On the side of Dylan's Garden is a double-bayed Georgian house (below) called The Strand. Alongside is a narrow alley, known as the 'drang' or 'drangway' which is South-West England dialect for a small lane or passage. The back part of this house was added as a malting house and the rear of The Strand still retains its industrial appearance.

The drang provided a shortcut through from the strand for goods heading to Gosport St. Coal was stored for sale from the lean-to at the end of the drangway, beside Lorenzo house, and on the far side of Gosport road was a ship's chandlers (Devonshire House).

Heading towards the hill you have a row of former fisherman's cottages before you get to the beautifully located Strand House, in the distance above.

To the left is evidence of some old mooring posts, but today it's hard to imagine how busy the estuary must have been with dozens of boats of all sizes.

But be careful if you wander alone... there might be Zombies around.

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