Traveller's Rest

A short way down Cliff Path the large house on the right stands on what was the tennis court. The building with the 'No Turning Point Ahead' sign is another of Laugharne's lost pubs - the Traveller's Rest - which closed in the 1850s.

Hard to imagine now, but this lane was like the M1 back in the day and since the 18th century this pub and the Ferry Inn would have been like motorway services.

Pilgrims heading from Canterbury to St David's; solders travelling from Pembroke Castle to London and vice versa; emigrants travelling to Nevern in Pembroke where ships would take them to Ireland; workers in the industrial revolution heading across to the Gwendraeth Valley on a Sunday night and back on a Friday... knights, vagabonds, workers, cocklers, smugglers and Dylan Thomas, who arrived in Laugharne in May 1934 via the ferry which crossed the River Taf. It's still pretty busy today with people visiting the Dylan Thomas Boathouse.

The house has been extended and is now called Craig y Don. The neighbouring house (built by Ralph Tucker, a former Portreeve) was built on the tennis court.

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